Gradi to bide time on contracts

13 April 2011 02:30
Crewe boss Dario Gradi will leave all contract talks until the end of the season. Defenders Patrick Ada, Mat Mitchel-King, Danny Blanchett and Adam Dugdale and forwards Joel Grant, Byron Moore and Clayton Donaldson will all see their existing deals expire in June. Gradi told the Crewe Chronicle: "The final decisions haven't been made - we'll wait until the end of the season. "Whilst we've had preliminary budget talks, we won't finalise that until the end of the season either. "We've done what we had to do to protect the ones most likely to attract offers. Of those we've offered contracts to already, there is only Byron Moore who hasn't responded. "He'll be offered the same contract at the end of the season and if he doesn't sign it someone will have to pay us compensation for him."

Source: PA