Gradi stunned by Donaldson behaviour

26 January 2011 12:30
Crewe manager Dario Gradi admitted he was too angry to speak with disgraced striker Clayton Donaldson following his dismissal for headbutting in the 2-1 home win over Bradford. The Alex played the entire second-half with 10 men after Donaldson was sent off for butting David Syers on the stroke of half-time in reaction to the City midfielder's heavy challenge. Gradi said: "It was quite out of character for Clayton to do something like that. I haven't spoken to him about it and to be honest I don't want to speak to him at the moment. "Why he reacted like that, God only knows. It wasn't even that sort of game. Clayton shouldn't have reacted like he did, but they were both to blame and I thought they were both going to get sent off. "At half-time I told them not to do anything stupid as we weren't going to win anything by losing our heads. I warned them if anyone else does anything stupid I would be pulling them off. "The players worked hard and are very pleased they made up for Saturday's disappointment. We're back on the winning run. I'm happy to be in the top three but all I'm worried about is making sure we get to 50 points so we are safe."

Source: PA