Gradi questions penalty decision

26 April 2011 10:30
Crewe manager Dario Gradi believes a debatable penalty decision changed the game as they lost 2-0 to Wycombe. Scott Rendell put the Chairboys ahead before Crewe striker Clayton Donaldson missed a penalty a minute later. Rendell made Crewe pay, scoring from the spot himself following a decision which Gradi disagreed with, to make it 2-0 before Rhys Taylor denied him a hat-trick with his second spot-kick. Gradi said: "The penalty changed the game - you could call it madness. They were strange penalties and again their incident affects the game. "Having said that we had some good chances early on, both the strikers had the chance to control the ball before they shot, they rushed their shots and didn't make anything of it. We got a penalty in our favour which was very debatable and then they got a penalty in their favour which was probably more debatable, we missed ours and they scored theirs. "We haven't got a really good penalty taker. They've all missed them. Clayton is obviously the most positive because he's got the most goals."

Source: PA