Gradi: Alex will only get better

28 February 2010 11:23
On-loan striker Davide Somma marked his Imps debut with the opening goal at the start of the second half before Shaun Miller netted a late equaliser for the Alex.

Gradi said: "We are making a habit of getting late goals, which is a good habit to have. I read somewhere that Man Utd have a habit of getting late goals, and I thought to myself 'That is a habit I would like'.

"After that we went looking for the winner. I thought we missed chances in the first half, we had shots on goal that were not good enough.

"We created a decent number of chances in both halves, and the goal came from a bit of a fight. I thought we would dominate the game, as I couldn't see Chris Sutton changing his tactics.

"He's come under a lot of criticism here, playing a bit defensively, but they played on the break and I thought their front two looked good. We will continue to get better, gradually I think we are improving and the point was a bonus. We are playing some decent football, and I think we will only get better."

Source: Team_Talk