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We Can't Bail Out City - Kelly

08 Dec 2012 00:03:14

We Can't Bail Out City - Kelly

Cabinet Member On Rentgate Row

Coventry City Council Cabinet Member for City Development Lynette Kelly has said that SISU want the Ricoh Arena but don't want to pay for the development of land surrounding the Ricoh Arena for hotels and the leisure land. She has also said that the Council will not be bailing out the Sky Blues.


Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph, Lynette Kelly said: "We can’t use public money to support a football club. That would be immoral, and possibly illegal.


"If people don’t pay council tax, we send the bailiffs in. We don’t control what ACL directors do, but they are in a situation where somebody owes them a lot of money."



Source: Coventry MAD


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