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Robbie Keane In The Premier League High Earners

07 Nov 2010 19:51:49

Robbie Keane In The Premier League High Earners

How the other half live According to today's News Of The World, former Coventry City forward Robbie Keane is the top paid player at his club.The paper has produced a table of who is the highest paid player at each club in the Premier League and Robbie Keane, who is reported to earn £80k a week comes in eighth.Yaya Toure of Manchester City, according to the paper is being paid a staggering £220k a week, followed by Manchester United's Wayne Rooney on £200k a week. Other top club earners earning more than £100k a week are John Terry on £160k, Steven Gerrard on £140k and Cesc Fabregas on £110k At the other end of the scale, Blackpool are reported as paying only £10k a week for DJ Campbell and Charlie Adams.


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