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Outstanding Questions From The Forums

13 Jun 2013 14:17:53

Outstanding Questions From The Forums

Trust Demand Answers

The Sky Blue Trust have tabled some outstanding questionss following the three Coventry City Fans Forums.

These are below:

Oustanding Questions:So after three Fisher forums to consult and explain to the fans…….

We still do not know

-         Where we will play next year

-         Why a ground share for at least 3 years is the only option

-         How far away a ground share might be if we are not at the Ricoh

-         How many fans Tim is expecting to go to a ground share

-         Where Tim’s “new” stadium might be sited

-         Who will actually own Tim’s “new” stadium

-         How much Tim’s “new” stadium might cost

-         How Tim’s “new” stadium will be financed

-         How big Tim’s “new” stadium will be

-         Other than “they wont talk to me” we still don’t know why there are no talks with ACL

-         What the player budget will be

-         Which players are leaving

-         How big the squad will be

-         What they will invest in the squad

-         Why he thinks we can compete in League 1 on limited finance

-         Will there be an academy

-         Where an academy will be sited

-         How the academy will be financed

-         When we are coming out of administration and transfer embargo

-         Who runs the football club, Tim or the administrator

-         Who is going to be saddled with all the legal bills etc

-         Whether all the accounts since 1995 were prepared wrongly or not. -         Why Tim and the auditors signed the accounts if they knew they were wrong

-         Why CCFC Holdings thinks it owns the Football League share

-         Why CCFC Ltd employees produce recent wages slips but Tim says CCFC Ltd never had any employees

-         Why Tim thinks the football trade has always been in Holdings and CCFC Ltd is a non trading Property subsidiary

-         Why CCFC Ltd owes £70m

-         How big the debts will get

-         How the debts will be repaid

-         The proof of any of this

-         Why moving our club away from our fans makes any sense at all

-         Why SISU are still here

-         Why they wont sell

-         Who Joy Seppala is

-         And so much more ………………




Source: Coventry MAD


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