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City Nineteen Points Better Off

14 Mar 2010 00:25:09

City Nineteen Points Better Off

Than on previous results Coventry City are nineteen points better off this season.If you compare this season's results against the result the last time City played a club, the difference is now nineteen points as our table below shows.2008/20092009/2010Points DifferenceRunning TotalIPSWICH TOWN HOMED 2-2W 2-1Plus 22BARNSLEY AWAYW 2-1W 2-002DONCASTER AWAYL 0-1D 0-0Plus 13SWANSEA HOMED 1-1L 0-1Minus 12BLACKPOOL AWAYD 1-1L 0-3Minus 11BRISTOL CITY HOMEL 0-3D 1-1Plus 12SHEFFIELD UNITED HOMEL 1-2W 3-2Plus 35PRESTON AWAYL 1-2L 2-305MIDDLESBROUGH HOMEL 1-3 2000D 2-2Plus 16WATFORD AWAYL 1-2W 3-2Plus 39LEICESTER HOMEW 2-0 2008D 1-1Minus 27SHEFFIED WED AWAYW 1-0L 0-2Minus 34CARDIFF CITY AWAYL 1-2L 0-204WEST BROM HOMEL 0-4 2007D 0-0Plus 15READING HOMED 0-0L 1-3Minus 14DERBY COUNTY AWAYL 1-2L 1-204CRYSTAL PALACE HOMEL 0-2D 1-1Plus 15QPR AWAYD 1-1D 2-205SCUNTHORPE AWAYL 1-2 2008L 0-105NEWCASTLE HOMEL0-2 2000L 0-205PETERBOROUGH HOMEW 3-2 1963W 3-205PLYMOUTH AWAYL 0-4W 1-0Plus 38DONCASTER HOMEW 1-0W 1-008NOTTS FOREST AWAYL 0-1L 0-208BARNSLEY HOMED 1-1W 3-1Plus 210IPSWICH AWAYL 1-2L 2-3010SWANSEA AWAYD 0-0D 0-0010BLACKPOOL HOMEW 2-1D 1-1Minus 28BRISTOL CITY AWAYL 0-2D 1-1Plus 19NOTTINGHAM FOREST HOMED 2-2W 1-0Plus 211QPR HOMEW 1-0W 1-0011NEWCASTLE AWAYL 1-3 2001L 1-4011CRYSTAL PALACE AWAYD 1-1W 1-0Plus 213SCUNTHORPE UTD HOMED 1-1 2007W 2-1Plus 215PETERBOROUGH AWAYL 0-2 1964W 1-0Plus 318PLYMOUTH HOMEL 0-1D 1-1Plus 119


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