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Bring A Scarf To City V Crewe

29 Jan 2013 00:18:11

Bring A Scarf To City V Crewe

One Fan's Idea

Ok here's my idea. I'd love to see every fan bring along an old CCFC scarf next week for Coventry City's JPT First Leg v Crewe.

Imagine the sight, every time the sky blue song starts up you hold them aloft like the Celtic and Liverpool fans do with their anthems and belt the old tune out like never before.

Tell your mates, your Mums and Dads. Post it to Facebook, post it to Twitter. Bring your old scarfs and show your pride. We might just win and the sight might just tempt more fans to have a bit more of the sky blue experience.

You know you want toPUSB

Source: Coventry MAD


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