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An Open Letter To SISU The Board Of CCFC

29 Aug 2011 11:52:58

An Open Letter To SISU  The Board Of CCFC

Paul Twister sends an open reply to Sisu and City's Board Dear SISU & The Board of CCFCA number of fans remain unhappy with the way the Club is being run, players being sold and a general lack of investment.At the next home match some of us want to have a peaceful demonstration. We would ask that as part of this we are allowed to bring in our banners into the stadium.We would also ask that those that want to are then allowed to stay in the ground for an hour to continue our peaceful demonstration. What we don't want is a repeat of the unnecessary scenes when the stewards took away our banners or eject fans from the stadium.I look forward to your replyPaul Twister     All views expressed on this website are those of the contributor and should not be taken as the view of Covsupport News Service in all cases. In the interests of fairness, Covsupport News Service offers a right of reply.


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