Worst Day Ever For SISU

15 August 2011 06:48
Fans campaign strikes at the offices of City's owners Coventry City owners SISU are according to reports received, having their worst day ever. Covsupport News Service understands that some City supporters have used social networking sites to mount a campaign to call the London based Hedge Fund and either get some answers from them or to advise them to get out of Coventry City. Covsupport News Service has been informed that SISU started receiving phone calls at 7.30am this morning and had to put their phone onto the answering machine due to the volume of the calls with one SISU employee who spoke to a supporter describing it as 'one of the worst days ever.'  According to one Facebok post,  the number supporters have been ringing is getting them through to the part of SISU that deals with its ownership of the football club but an employee has passed on the messages.  Gary Hoffman is to meet Coventry City Chairman Ken Dulieu for talks on Friday.