Wimbledon Trust - FL Actions Catastrophic for Coventry City

13 July 2013 12:04
Wimbledon Fans Concerned About City's Plight

The AFC Wimbledon Trust have said that the Football League actions to permit SISU to move Coventry City to Northampton is not only catastrophic for the Sky Blues but dangerous for football as whole. 

Matthew Breach is quoted by Supporters Direct as saying “In 1992, the then owners of Wimbledon Football Club were given permission to move the Club, supposedly temporarily, to Crystal Palace FC’s Selhurst Park.

This was meant to be a ground share which would end with a new stadium in our home borough. But this move and the lack of proper oversight by the football authorities fostered the conditions for the Club’s league place to be stolen by Milton Keynes.

“We’re extremely worried that in agreeing to this move, the Football League has not thought out the potential consequences, which could be catastrophic for Coventry City and its fans and community, but also could be extremely dangerous for football as a whole.” -

More on this: http://www.supporters-direct.org/?news-article=afc-wimbledon-owners-coventry-move-is-dangerous-for-football#sthash.WI3Yjv8s.dpuf

Source: Coventry MAD