Why Do I Have Faith In Hoffman?

28 August 2011 12:39
More from Paul Why do i have faith in Hoff. The answer is in why I want SISU out. We know very little about SISU. They run a 24 hour operation from an anonymous building in London. They do have other offices but the paper trail goes thin when you try to find out more. Try and find an email address. We know they are a hedge fund company that specialises in investing in companies that are trading at a loss that are undervalued. Basically they then cut, cut and cut turning the balance sheet round and then sell when the company breaks even. In my view that clearly is what they are doing to Cov. They are not putting money in as a millionaires hobby, love for Cov City or any other "good" reason. I don't think they are putting money in anyway. I think it's all refinancing cloak and mirrors. In my view that done care about CCFC, we are just another loss making company where a quick buck may be made. If we aren't going to get crowds up to a 20,000 break even figure and we have no other assets, then how can SISU make the cuts to balance the books? The only way I see is getting players of the wage bill. That means selling the few players of value, that we have. Bye bye Ben Turner. Why would we want to lose any more players? On the flip side they won't invest in the playing side unless we have to. Adam Le Fondre a steel at 250-350k and ATs number one target wasn't brought. A forward doesn't come much cheaper then that.Contrast that to what Hoffman offers. Investors that want to invest in a Club to bring success to Coventry City. The opportunity to buy part of the stadium.An investment in the region of £10million on players.Led by two men in Hoff and Joe that deeply care about Cov City.Hoffs financial background is impressive & his love for Cov City burns through. Contrast that to SISU. I can't see any reason at all for wanting SISU to stay, none what's so ever.In Hoff we do have an opportunity for the Club to be run by someone who cares about our Club. He stands on the terraces with us and has been to every game this season. He's basically one of us with a plan to turn us around and give hope back to the fans. This isn't about promotion, this is about unrealistic expectations on signing top internationals, or living in cloud cuckoo land, this is about stoping a Club from having its heart ripped out. That's why in Hoff I trust and I want SISU out.