We're All Backing Pressley - Martin

16 March 2013 10:05
Martin on Pressley

Coventry City defender Arron Martin has said that the players are backing manager Steven Pressley.

"Everybody has bought into the gaffer's ethos, the way he wants to play the game. He doesn't want us to hit long balls to the striker, he just wants us to play in a controlled way, " Martin said to the Coventry Telegraph's Alan Poole.

"He hasn't been here long but we have already worked on it a lot in training. Everybody knows how to pass the ball so we just need to concentrate and trust everyone to do their jobs.

"I understand the fans might get a bit anxious if we don't seem to be making progress but we need to be patient because passing the ball around at the back moves the opposition around and creates gaps for other players to move into.

"The pitches haven't been great for the last couple of games so it can look a bit hairy at times but I feel very comfortable with it becuse that's what we work on in training."

Source: Coventry MAD