We'll Work On Our Shape - Carsley

25 February 2013 10:48
City players to work on their shape

Coventry City manager Lee Carsley has said that the City players will work on their shape ahead of the away game at AFC Bournemouth tomorrow night.

Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph's Andy Turner after Saturday's 2-1 home defeat by Crewe, Carsley said: “We’ll work on our shape on Monday and set off with a team we think can beat Bournemouth but we must be tighter. You don’t mind so much when you’re beaten by a good goal, but we gave Crewe both of their’s.

“We started well – pressed and harried them and got the early goal, but we shot ourselves in the foot with their equaliser from a setpiece.

“That’s something we can better at because obviously it’s the one time you can set yourselves up for what’s going to happen and we didn’t do that at all.

“The second goal was disappointing as well – their lad tried to hit a diagonal and it turned into a through ball which we didn’t deal with.

“I told them afterwards that there’s no point in feeling sorry for ourselves because we’ve got a massive game at Bournemouth on Tuesday.

“I still believe that we can do it but that doesn’t really matter – it’s an easy game from the side – it’s what they believe that counts.

“I knew that Wednesday night would have taken a lot out of them, not so much physically as emotionally. We’d built them up to such a position that they really thought they could win and get to Wembley and they expended a lot of energy trying to do that.

“When Crewe got their equaliser they perhaps started to think ‘oh, I am a little bit tired’ and you can lose your concentration when that starts to creep in.”

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Source: Coventry MAD