We'll Stay Motivated Until The End - Moussa

12 April 2013 12:17
Moussa on motivation

Coventry City midfielder Franck Moussa has said that the City players will stay motivated until the end of the season.

With the Sky Blues, who could have won the league if they had not dropped so many points from winning positions (33), stuck with a ten point deduction after withdrawing their appeal, City now cannot go up or down.

However, Franck Moussa maintains there is plenty to play for and said: "There will be no temptation to do any less on the pitch or on a match-day. We are footballers and with the fans turning up each game the way they have this season, we will be motivated.

"We want to end the season on a high which will always lead into how we prepare for next season. As players, we are not going to relax in the way we approach games and will do as well as we can for the club and also the manager."  

Source: Coventry MAD