We Will Not Sit Waiting For The Phone To Ring - Fisher

14 October 2013 12:02
Ricoh Arena Is Plan B - Fisher

Coventry City CEO/Director Tim Fisher has said that City will not sit around waiting for Coventry City Council and Arena Coventry Limited to call offering talks over the Ricoh Arena.

Writing in the programme for the game against Sheffield United, Mr Fisher wrote: "Coventry City is very much a community club and whilst out groundshare here at Northampton looks at odds with that, we still have an active part to play in the city and its community.

"Of course, we recognise that our new superstore at the Gallagher Retail Park does not in any way, shape or form, make playing outside of our area acceptable and that is why our work to get back to the Coventry region continues.

"Our architects and planning consultants are drawing up plans for the three sites we have identified and we hope to have news on that going forward.

"As many of you will have read in Joy Seppala's interview with the Coventry Telegraph, we would consider a return to the Ricoh as a "Plan B" but as owners not tenants.

"That would require discussions with the decision makers at the City Council and to date, that has seemingly proved impossible to arrange. Don't just take my word for that. Ask the many people who have tried tand failed to get such a meeting.

"We live in hope but we will not sit around waiting for the phone to ring and that is why it is imperative that we move forward with our own Plan A and I know that is what many supporters want to see.

"I know from the forums I did in the summer that many supporters will never stomach groundsharing but they are happy for the club to develop their own stadium if it means a stable and sustainable future for Coventry City."

Source: Coventry MAD