We Want Marlon - Carsley

16 September 2010 09:53
City skipper on King Coventry City captain Lee Carsley has said that the City players want to see Marlon King in the Sky Blues squad.Speaking about the disgraced striker, Carsley said to the CT: "We're all desperate to get Marlon in. We see him in training and how sharp he is. He's banging in goals and it would help a lot."That's no disrespect to the lads we have got because we have got some good forwards but his quality is there for everyone to see."He has got that experience as well because he has been there and done it it and you can tall that he has a point to prove. Obviously the spotlight is going to be on him when he comes back but that's the kind of player we need, someone who is hungry to prove a point."It's been frustrating that he has not been in the side yet but it is one of those were you tend to concentrate on the lads who are playing rather than the ones who aren't available because it takes the focus away. But when you see a player like him walk into the building, you, automatically think 'yes, we've got a really good chance.'"He's been with us for a month or so and he's fitted in with the squad. He's a nice land and hopefully, the deal will get done."