We Still Believe.. Just

11 June 2012 10:09
The latest from the Ulraine

Coventry City supporter and long standing England fan Lloyd Powell is in the Ukraine to follow England during the European Championship.

Here is the third edition of his blog from the tournament.

As our time in Donetsk draws to a close we are left to reflect on a 1-1 opening draw with a talented French team.

Many lads, including a big Canley contingent had started the day rather slowly after the excesses of Sunday!

Hot weather and cheap ale are a lethal cocktail. Sunday was a brilliant laugh but it has took it toll.

Much optimism was being expressed as we enjoyed the hospitality on offer on Pushkin boulevard throughout the day.

England fans were everywhere, outnumbering the French by thousands. All good natured crack though as the 'going home in a coffin' quotes from Sol Campbell seem to be rather ridiculous.

It has to be said as hard as they're trying, the service over here has been ultra slow, the locals just don't seem to have realised what has hit them. Even if you find a place that's not packed it still takes half an hour to get served. Can't be harsh on them though, they're trying.

Anyway it's back to Kiev tomorrow, got asked if I wanted to go to Chernobyl on a day trip, I said if I wanted to see a soulless place with derelict buildings and six fingered residents I'd go to Leicester!