We Need To Be Cool When Finishing - Robins

30 November 2012 01:57
City boss on finishing

Coventry City manager Mark Robins has ordered his side to be cool when in front of goal.

Speaking to the CT's Andy Turner, Robins said: We are getting plenty of territory, plenty of corners, free-kicks and shots on goal, so we need to be brighter. There was one occasion on Saturday when Carl Baker put his hand on it and played Cyrus Christie in down the right-hand side.

"That’s bright because suddenly we were in behind the defence straight away and then it’s about people getting into the box and getting on the end of something.

“We get in good positions at times but then need to be better at picking out a man. We have got to be cooler when we get into their areas and ice cool to stick the ball in the back of the net or to find a man to assist them to get a shot on target.

"Those are the areas where we need to be better.

“We are getting better at getting into those final third areas but then the next step is to pick people out or make the right decision, and then executing a technique in the right way because it might need hanging up to the far post, might need pulling back or clipping elsewhere.

“Generally it’s Cyrus or Carl on the right and Blair Adams and Gary McSheffrey on the left as it has been – or John Fleck when he has been in the side because he puts decent quality in the box from the left – but even so he can improve on that part of his game where he’s picking people out. That’s an area we intend to improve on and are working intensively on.”


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Source: Coventry MAD