We Need A Henry Kissinger - Regis

20 June 2013 10:55
Cyrille On City Situation

Former Coventry City striker Cyrille Regis has said that a Henry Kissinger type figure is needed to knock some sense into SISU and ACL.

Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph's Andy Turner, Regis, now an agent with a number of City players on his books, said: “We need a Henry Kissinger to knock Sisu and the council’s heads together.

“There are obviously personalities that wind each other up but the Ricoh can’t do without Coventry City Football Club – there’s nothing else, no other sport in Coventry, that can fill it.

“It would be so sad to see the club leave the city and that’s why they need to get their heads together and make sure they continue to play at the Ricoh.

“I can see both sides of the argument. I can see the council’s point of view but they have to understand that the club are in League One now. When you tell people that Coventry don’t earn anything from the commercial matchday environment, hospitality and all the rest at the Ricoh they find it hard to believe.

“How can you increase your wage bill and expenditure if you are not increasing your income? It just doesn’t work, especially nowadays with the financial fair play situation.

“ACL aren’t making money so somewhere along the line someone has got to knock a few heads and get some numbers together . They need to get some personalities round the table and draw a line under everything and say ‘listen, we need you and you need us because the club has to stay in the city, 100 per cent.”

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Source: Coventry MAD