We Can't Let City Move Away - Sillett

09 May 2013 11:15
Sillett on why City must stay in Coventry

Former Coventry City player and manager John Sillett has said that the Sky Blues cannot be allowed to leave Coventry and play their home games elsewhere.

Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph's Andy Turner, Sillett, a club Vice President said: “We can’t let that happen. I can’t let that happen.

“There is such a good following at this club, even when things are going wrong, and that support needs backing up by the football club.

"The club has been through many struggles over time and it always come through in the end.

“It’s looking very dodgy at the moment but I feel that somewhere along the line there has to be an answer. Somewhere along the line someone must come in and take it over.

“If that’s not going to happen then they need to sit down and talk to the stadium people and see what they can come up with.

"There has been a lot said by both parties and all I would like to know is the honest truth about what is happening to our football club.

"What is going on because it can’t be right what is happening to it now.

“There was clearly a problem with the rent but that should have been sorted.

"When you do a deal – like a player’s contract in my time – if we went down a league you took a pay cut, and the same should have happened with the stadium. I don’t understand why the club agreed to that deal in the first place.

“But now, it’s a deal that is a possibility in my mind from what I read. They’ve agreed to cut a lot of money out of it.”

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Source: Coventry MAD