We Are Seeking To Meet The Administrator - Elliott

06 April 2013 07:50
Elliott Wants To Arrange Meeting

Joe Elliott has said that himself and Gary Hoffman have approached the administrator Paul Appleton about bringing potential investor Preston Haskell IV to a meeting.

The Texan was at the Ricoh Arena today meeting supporters including Covsupport News Service staff, as well as Council Leader John Mutton and Finance Director Chris West. 

Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph, Mr Elliott said: “Preston is very interested in Coventry City Football Club Ltd. Gary Hoffman and I have made an approach to the administrator which he has come back to us and we are seeking a meeting as soon as possible in London to move things on as quickly as we can.

 “We need to understand what is in Coventry City FC Ltd, the company that is in administration, and that’s why at this moment in time we will be dealing purely with the administrator."

More http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/coventry-city-fc/coventry-city-fc-news/2013/04/06/92746-33127713/?#ixzz2PhxF24Q9

Source: Coventry MAD


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