We Are On The March Again

29 December 2012 09:01
One Man's Views

For those of us who can remember the days when the Sky Blue Army was first formed in the summer of 1962, today was a reprise of those magical days nearly 50 years ago that many of us thought we would never see again (certainly not in my lifetime anyway). This was the afternoon that brought tears to my eyes (and I am sure many others) who made the short trip down the M1 today, to a City that was not founded until January 1967, when the Sky Blues were already on their way to the ‘Old First Division’.

Having a ticket in Row 3 just wide of the six yard line I quickly moved to a more lofty position high on the edge of the area looking down and across the 5,000 strong army – a position pretty similar to the one Harold would have been in ahead of ‘The Battle of Hastings’. And what a view it was – relentless chanting and singing , coupled with massive eruptions when the three City goals arrived.

This was a sight for sore eyes as the last gatherings of similar numbers were all for one off Cup Matches in Islington, Manchester and even Sheffield, Stoke and Wembley that had a transient feeling about them . The League is different - it’s like the ’30 Years War’- a long campaign with many victories, a few defeats and even the odd draw. All we have seen so far, are in the main, unsatisfactory skirmishes, but now we are entering the period of large set piece battles, where the Sky Blue army is its best best - outshouting the home forces and cheering our lads onto victory.

Had Jimmy, George & Derek been there today they would have been very happy men as it is nearly 50 years since their first great League successes.

Today was the first real victory – prepare for many more similar battles. We are on the march again !


Source: Coventry MAD