Walsall Supporters Urged To Object To Groundshare

23 May 2013 12:41
Object, Walsall Supporters Urged

Supporters of Walsall FC are being urged to object to having Coventry City share their Bescot Stadium ground.

Walsall supporters, are, it is understood, being asked to put pressure on the Saddlers Board to turn down current City CEO Tim Fisher's plans and thus prevent them having countless games in the winter months postponed and unneccesary pressure put on their pitch due to having another team digging up their pitch, anything up to thirty times a season plus the obligatory U21 and FA Youth Cup matches, which may interfere with the Saddlers own fixtures.

With the amount of City supporters expected not to travel to the Bescot Stadium under any circumstances, Walsall are not expected to make anywhere near enough money from any catering/hospitality or car parking to justify that a groundsharing with all its associated problems is actually worth it, what little cash, a company that has refused to pay the agreed rent during its tenure at the Ricoh Arena and could well do again, given their current form, might bring to the table.




Source: Coventry MAD