Walsall Supporters Demanding Groundshare Answers

23 May 2013 01:37
Walsall Fans Demanding Answers

Walsall supporters, are it seems, demanding answers from their club as to the possibility of having SISU owned Coventry City playing at their stadium.

Here is one post from a stack on the subject from Saddlers supporters who quite rightly want to know if their club are dealing with SISU.

"Well I would want all money up front. They have a long history of not paying and deliberately engineering disputes to justify this. That's not to mention admitting in their own recent court submission to deliberately trying to send their current landlords (ACL - owned by the council and a children's charity) bust.   Given the vastly reduced rent they have been offered at the Ricoh is not much different to ours, the thought of them paying less than us to play at The Banks's than us makes me vomit. If it were to happen it would also make the stance of our own club on our rent, about club's operating in a correct financial way etc, etc totally hypocritical.   Given the can of worms this would open around the whole rent debate within our own club, recent comments about pitch condition and it's importance for our 'philosophy' and various other things I think it would be a PR disaster for our club and could end up destroying some of the good will built up recently.   The Coventry Telegraph has recently written to the club asking them to 'stand shoulder to shoulder' with the 10,000 Coventry supporters who have signed a petition against this. However useful a bit of cash may be (if we ever got it) I would call on the club to respond to this and issue a statement saying they will not entertain such a deal. Either way they should issue a statement telling us what is going on. Are they talking to this A-moral , bunch or not?"


Source: Coventry MAD