Walsall Boss Says No Ground Share

20 June 2013 10:13
Smith Says No Groundshare

Walsall manager Dean Smith has said that he has been led to believe that there will be no groundshare between Walsall and Coventry City.

Speaking to Radio WM, Smith said:I've been led to believe there wont be any ground share between ourselves and Coventry' "I for one am pleased. "I just dont see it working. Coventry are in administration and are in the same league as us, I think it would have looked a bit silly.

"The weather has caused us alot of trouble this year and I dont think playing two games a week will be good for the pitch. "

Plus I don't really want to share my office with anyone else either!"

More on this: http://www.walsall.vitalfootball.co.uk/article.asp?a=322403#ixzz2WkJNsHNj

Source: Coventry MAD