Trust Welcomes Seppala Statement

30 October 2013 12:51
Trust Statement The SkyBlue Trust welcomes Joy Seppala's statement this morning that she is willing to talk about the future of the Ricoh with Cllr Ann Lucas. We have been campaigning for several months now for these talks to take place. It's time that a solution resulting in OUR football club returning to the Ricoh is reached.

Council leader Ann Lucas last week stated she was willing to do this and talked about a potential return by Christmas. Ms Seppala now says she is willing too.

We therefore now urge both sides to put aside any personal feelings and resentment and agree to talk without any pre-conditions at the very earliest opportunity. Nothing should be ruled in or out.

It has been abundantly clear for some time that supporters of Coventry City FC are tired and dismayed at the intransigence that has been shown by both sides in this saga. We therefore call on them to waste no further time on posturing and personal attacks and to devote every ounce of energy possible to getting OUR football club back where it belongs.

Source: Coventry MAD