Trust To Report Back To Members This Week

07 May 2013 12:14
Trust On Membership Consultation

The Sky Blue Trust is to report back to its membership this week following its consultation of them as to whether or not they should with current Coventry City CEO Tim Fisher on plans to play matches next season elsewhere.

The Trust have said in a statement: "We've had a number of requests for a report of Jan Mokrzycki and John Fletcher's meeting with Tim Fisher, Steve Waggott and Steve Brookfield at the Sky Blue Lodge, Ryton on 25 April.

The sole outcome of the meeting, after Tim Fisher restated that the owners are working on plans to play home matches at a venue outside Coventry, was a request by Mr Fisher for the Trust to assist in this planning process.

Following the meeting, the Sky Blue Trust Board considered the request. Given the seriousness of the issue, the Trust Board decided to consult Trust members on whether to agree to Mr Fisher’s request. A message to Trust members was sent on 2 May and members will be informed of the outcome of the consultation during the week beginning 6 May."

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Source: Coventry MAD