Trust Spokesman Slams City Moving Out Of Coventry

25 April 2013 12:22
Rumoured Proposals Slammed

The Sky Blue Trust's Jan Mokrzycki has said that Coventry City playing their matches outside of Coventry will be the death knell of the club.

Around 79% on a poll on Sky Blue Talk forum have already said that they will not be going if the Sky Blues are not playing in Coventry and supporters voicing their opinions on social media sites have said pretty much the same thing since it emerged on Saturday that the club had asked stewards if they would steward at an alternative venue within a thirty mile radius of Coventry next season.

There are rumours that the club's current owners are looking to play elsewhere until a new stadium from which they will get all the revenues can be built in the CV postal code area with further rumours saying that five possible sites have been identified.

Whilst the principle of not playing in Coventry may be enough for some supporters to end their relationship with CCFC, getting to and from the "home" venue" or to the meeting point to get the free transport which the club will be duty bound to provide, especially for midweek matches is bound to cause issues and impracticalities for a good number of others.

Writing in the Coventry Telegraph's weekly Fan Zone column, one of the Trust's Spokesmen Jan Mokrzycki said: "Any action, however temporary, to relocate the club away from its home is not only deplorable but it will sound the death knell of our troubled club once and for all.

"It is hard enough to encourage people to travel across Coventry to watch the team let alone convince them to drive an hour out of the city to watch the team.

Several online polls amongst supporters indicate that up to 80 per cent would boycott these “home” games meaning that crowds would be decimated and thereby revenue slashed even further.

Assuming the figures from the polls are skewed can we realistically expect “home” gates to be above 4,000 at Walsall or Northampton?

These grounds will still expect rent to be paid and will the 100 per cent profits from the food and beverage sales make up the shortfall in income?

How can it possibly make any financial sense to do this!"




Source: Coventry MAD