Trust Issue Statement on ACL/CCFC Dispute

08 December 2012 12:06
Statement Issued Statement from the Sky Blue Trust on the dispute between ACL and CCFC

The Sky Blue Trust is alarmed by the recent very public disagreement and obvious breakdown in relations between Coventry City and Arena Coventry Limited. As both parties appear to agree that the current rent is unsustainable for a First Division football club and offers for decreased amounts have allegedly been made the two sides need to step back from their current antagonistic posturing.

They both need to swallow some pride and get around the table and sort this long running matter out once and for all, for the good of all Coventry City supporters and the wider community that the club and the Arena serve. The longer it remains unresolved the more difficult it will be to find a solution and all the time the clubs long suffering supporters are left in limbo wondering What is going on? What is to become of our club? How serious is this?

The statement from Tim Fisher that intimated that ACL is in financial trouble and if ACL was to go under it would take the club with it is very worrying. When the Chief Executive is talking openly about the demise of the club it makes the Sky Blue Trust's position of looking at plans for potentially saving the club suddenly appear all too realistic.

We strongly urge both sides to resume dialogue and find a mutually acceptable solution.

Remember that this club belongs to its fans and to the community and any decisions made should always bear this in mind.

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Source: Coventry MAD


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