Trust Issue Advice To PSL & Premier Club Members

23 May 2013 06:29
Advice for those taking action

The Sky Blue Trust have issued the following advice to Premier Club members and PSL Holders who are wishing to make claims against the club for breaches of contract if Coventry City are moved away from the Ricoh Arena due to the failings of Tim Fisher and his SISU cohorts to negotiate a deal to keep City at the Ricoh Arena.

The Trust have said:

"In order to help any Premier Club members or fans with a Private Seat License (PSL) that feel they may be affected by the Clubs move out of Coventry and the administration of CCFC Ltd, we have put together some instructions and templates that might be useful in making a claim.

  The claims against CCFC Ltd need to be dealt with urgently as the  creditors meeting is being held on 29th May 2013 at the Coventry Hilton Hotel, as a creditor you will be entitled to attend.   We have attached a claim form and letter to send to the Administrator for your reference.     Please note that the Trust are sharing this information about possible claims to give people background information about possible claims. The Trust cannot give legal advice, either generally or to individuals, on the conduct or potential success of claims. If anyone wishes to seek legal advice, they should do so, either from a solicitor or via the Citizens' Advice Bureau   For more on this, please click on  "

Source: Coventry MAD