Trust Email SISU And City Telling Them To Play At The Ricoh

24 March 2013 02:50
Trust Contact Club

In response to the many messages to Sky Blue Trust from some of its 1200+ members and some non members the Sky Blue Trust has sent the following e-mail to SISU and CCFC about the reports that they intend to play CCFC home matches away from the Ricoh Arena despite the owners of the ground, ACL, saying they were welcome to stage them there.  FAO: Joy Seppala, Tim Fisher and Mark Labovitch It has been widely reported that the management of Coventry City are considering moving all home games away from the Ricoh Arena and to an unspecified venue. Coventry is the home of Coventry City and any move to force supporters to attend home matches miles away in another team’s ground is objectionable. The added inconvenience, expense and treating supporters with such disregard and disrespect is totally unacceptable, it causes unnecessary confusion and insults fans who have given a lifetime of devotion to their team  The Trust calls upon the Club to honour its commitment to its supporters and its contract with season ticket holders by playing all of their home games in Coventry. ACL have publicly stated that CCFC are not locked out and are welcome to play at the Ricoh Arena. We urge the Club and ACL to negotiate, resolve this problem and do everything they can to avoid further damage to the reputation of the Club, remove the uncertainty facing all Sky Blue fans and treat the clubs supporters with respect. On Behalf Of Sky Blue Trust 

Source: Coventry MAD