Trust Concern Over Rent Issue

19 December 2012 11:40
Not the Sky Blues Trust

The Sky Blue Trust have again raised their concern about the on-going rent dispute between Coventry City, its owners and Arena Coventry Limited.

Trust Spokesman Jan Mokrzycki said; "Whilst talk of community focus is positive, what supporters really want to hear is that the rent dispute has been resolved and that David McGoldrick has been signed.

"Many fans are saying that talk of being a community club seems a bit at odds with talk of playing at Hinckley United or Nene Park, or with the company withholding rent from ACL, a company owned by the community and a local children's charity.

"With things going so well on the pitch, it is time for this to be matched with responsible actions off the pitch. Hopefully, this sudden community interest is real and not just more empty rethoric fired in the on-going war between the protagonists in this increasingly bitter dispute."


Source: Coventry MAD