Trust Believe There Is An Opportunity For Both Sides To Benefit

20 September 2013 12:03
Trust Issue Statement Over the last 10 days the Sky Blues Trust has held meetings and talks separately with both ACL and CCFC in an attempt to encourage new discussions on the Sky Blues returning to the Ricoh Arena.


ACL indicated to the Trust that they would be willing to discuss with the owners of CCFC the potential for a new rental deal at the stadium. Our understanding is that ACL would react positively to a business proposal from Otium Entertainment Group to discuss CCFC returning to the Ricoh Arena under such an arrangement. ACL indicated that they wished to put past disagreements behind them, draw a line in the sand and enter any discussions without prejudice or preconceptions. Whilst at this stage it is nothing more than an offer of discussions it is we believe a step in the right direction.


We communicated the ACL response to Tim Fisher who has assured us that he will consult with the Club’s owners as to where they can take it from here. We would urge Tim Fisher and Joy Seppala to take in to consideration the hopes and views of many thousands of Sky Blue fans and to respond to this opportunity positively. We would urge SISU/Otium to make an immediate approach to ACL to begin the rental discussions.


Both sides have indicated that they see strong futures for their respective businesses acting independently, however it is our firm belief that the future is even stronger for both businesses if they are in the same place in Coventry working together in some form of partnership. Both claim they will be strong separately – we maintain they would be even stronger together.


We believe there is an opportunity for both sides to benefit. The Ricoh stadium bowl needs to be used and empty it represents lost income for ACL. The financial implications of playing “home” games in Northampton with crowds that presently average less than 2000 must be financially onerous for CCFC, especially when playing in Coventry offers far greater income potential.


The Sky Blue Trust has been working hard to achieve this potential opportunity for discussions and urges both sides to grasp it. The Trusts focus is purely on getting the club back to the Ricoh, we are not in the business of choosing who the clubs owners are, organising continued protests in London or in Northampton or any direct anti-club actions. The Trust is not pro or anti ACL nor pro or anti SISU or any other such label some have tried to apply – we are pro supporter and pro CCFC, nothing more, nothing less. We will leave that sort of thing to those behind the independent Keep Cov In Cov campaign.


In an amicable move aimed at clearing up confusion a couple of Trust board members have tendered their resignations so they can concentrate on KCIC without their campaign being confused with that of the Trust. Whilst approving of their aims the Trust has no control or influence on their methods or tactics. Peaceful protest is a legitimate tool for the fans to employ however the Trust will concentrate on continuing to try to influence all sides to reach a resolution through negotiation and talk. 


There is a glimmer of an opportunity for a potential resolution and it is now up to both sides to put past differences behind them, look dispassionately at what is really best for their respective businesses and what is best for the fans of the club. We urge them to grasp the opportunity and begin the process that might bring the team home.


Source: Coventry MAD


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