Trust Are In A Position To Own The Club - Fletcher

02 September 2013 08:41
Trust Open Meeting - Report

Sky Blue Trust Chairman John Fletcher feels that the Trust are set up to own the club.

Speaking at an open Trust meeting in Coventry, Mr Fletcher in response to a question from the floor said that the Trust were in a position to own the club

He said that the Trust had met MEP Nikki Sinclaire last week and had left a message with Coventry City Council Leader Ann Lucas to arrange a meeting regarding a meeting with Joy Seppala, as well as adding that the Football League were claiming they never received the SBT 250+ page dossier questioning if SISU are fit and proper and we have spoken to the counsel and encouraged them to talk to SISU.

One person, not speaking to the Trust is Tim Fisher, who has refused to talk to the Trust since the Trust board and members refused to help them move our club out of it's City.

Steve Brown added that Joy Seppala feels the ribbons are a great idea but she is frightened to meet CCFC fans. However, the club is available at the right price.

He also said: "We've tried really hard to get both sides together. The only side that will talk to us is Arena Coventry Limited/Alan Higgs Trust/Coventry City Council.



Source: Coventry MAD