Travel May Hinder City Support

15 May 2013 01:00
Why Moving To A New Ground May Not Benefit Every City Fan

Whilst some Coventry City supporters are floating the idea of boycotting any City 'home' matches not played in Coventry, but for others, it will be a case of not being able to get to the venue where games might be played.

Every one of us has different circumstances, a few may benefit but there will be thousands of others, who will not and there will undoubtedly be those who will not be buying a season ticket and faced with another season of League One football which we have seen is not of a particularly high standard - some will have made that decision anyway, purely because they cannot make every home game at Walsall or wherever current Coventry City CEO Tim Fisher, who must take a large chunk of the responsibility for taking the Sky Blues out of the Ricoh Arena, can find a suitable playing venue.

There will be those whose committments on the day of a 'home' game don't allow them the time to sit in the M6 traffic on one of the busiest stretches of motorway in the country and then find somewhere to park which was a problem for the game at Walsall on Easter Monday, or take the two trains necessary to get to the Bescot Station.

Including the use of public transport in your match ticket as happens in Germany and something supported by the Campaign For Better Transport, is one idea but if it is not done then when you add in the extra petrol/ train costs due to playing anything up to thirty matches on another ground, then you are really not making the prospect of watching Coventry City as attractive as it should be.

Ok, the club will be duty bound to lay on transport to the home games but there will be those who will struggle to make the departure times, wherever they may be, and won't want to be getting home at 7pm especially if they have something planned for the evening or midnight for a midweek game.

Let us not forget those City supporters who don't travel for whatever reason and only attend home games. Will their support and vital income be lost to the club forever, because once a City supporter leaves the fold, getting them back nigh on impossible.   

Coventry City cannot afford to lose any more supporters and the sooner they negotiate a deal with the Ricoh Arena the better.

Source: Coventry MAD