Timmy, Two Can Play A Biased Game

02 September 2013 12:20
One Man's View

Tim But Dim, it seems you have case of selective amnesia. All Coventry City fans know that SISU tried to undermine ACL by playing at the Ricoh for an inordinate amount of  time but failed to pay the rent.

If you had any sense you would have stayed at  the Ricoh as you would have had higher gates and more revenue. However, you thought you were clever by becoming a Franchise FC and playing at Northampton. Silly Timmy making big decisions and alienating your fan base repeatedly is a schoolboy error. Then you compound it by revelling in your role as Public Enemy Number One. In interviews, you are are now blaming ACL and the Council because your stupidity has backfired.

This piece, although a skit, is to counter the nonsense propaganda that you spout to the media. Tim but Dim, I am sure Joy is overjoyed by the fact that revenue has fallen alarmingly. Tim you need to start living in the real world. However, you have made no effort to play in the City that you supposedly represent. By playing at the Ricoh Arena at the reduced rate of 150K for a season has to be better than the crowds of just over 2,000 at Sixfields. 

After all ACL and the Council have bent over backwards for the fans of of Coventry City to see their team play at the Ricoh Stadium. Think of all that revenue you have lost  and if you do not change your stance it will get worse. Let's be real. The move to Northampton has resulted in two of the lowest attendances in the Club's history. As an investment banker, it must be breaking your heart knowing that your stupidity has back fired on you. It must keep you awake at night. As a consequence your decision making has been absolutely woeful.You keep making  bad decisions and have alienated the very people who can get you back on track. It's so obvious and simple.  Tim but Dim but evidently it is beyond you. Lesson One - Do Not Alienate Your Customer Base. I am surprised that Joy has not passed on this tip. On second thoughts she probably passed on the knowledge!!   You cannot alienate your potential customers. ACL can help you boost your revenue streams by letting you play at the Ricoh for the lower rent of £150K for the season. Playing games at Northampton is financial stupidity.Instead of playing ''Lets blame the Council and ACL'' why can't we play "Let's play at the Ricoh" instead.  Timmy, you need to change your strategy. Auntie Joy will help you with that. Timmy ,you may have thought you were going forward in your brave new world at Northampton. However with attendances lower than ever  your only success has been to make the club a laughing stock.

As a lost leader take my advice and resign. I can offer you some consolation at this time of woe as you did not try that bounce back budget malarkey this time around. Your making very slow progress. At this point you are only a high flyer in your dreams. In fact it is the exact opposite.  All your projects and your businesses have failed. Getting relegated because you asset stripped and failed to not invest. The fan base is eroding in front of your eyes. You are metamorphosing into Ken Delieu. Tim, we would all be grateful if you did not raise expectations as it is obvious you spout nonsense and do not deliver your deluded dreams. Your time at  CCFC  has been a comprehensive failure. Yes Tim, it may come as a shock to you but in the real world you need subtle skills to negotiate with people.

Your dealings with ACL and the Council have highlighted your inability to build trust and negotiate. This is a constant through out your time at the Ricoh and Sixfields. You lack soft skills and have no capacity to develop working relationships and build trust with fan base. Your track record to date  is appalling. You speak with a forked tongue and cannot be trusted. Your bullying style has backfired hence you are seeking to find scapegoats for your own failures. Timmy, it is obvious you lack common sense, courtesy  and the ability to develop working partnerships. Your brazen stance has finally caught up with you and through your own actions you have alienated the fan base. You are viewed as  a despicable person who cannot be trusted.    Timmy, you may feel down at the moment but I am pleased to tell you it will only get worse. It is much deserved because you  are a disgrace. You just could not stop alienating  Coventry City Council and ACL.

You decided to take them to court for what you thought was inappropriate use of the council's money in transferring money to ACL to keep it solvent. The judge dismissed the case and Joy has to stump up the cost. The judge stated that SISU attempted to to undermine the position of ACL by not paying the rent for playing at the Ricoh Arena. Not satisfied with the judgement you have decided to seek another judgement.  You need to spend your money wisely as I am sure your investor's will be alarmed by the increasing losses.   The key point is that the vast majority of Coventry fans do not want you as owners of Coventry City Football Club. . 

Source: Coventry MAD