Time To File Those Accounts City

28 February 2013 02:21
City Need To Get The Accounts Filed Or Face A Transfer Embargo

Coventry City Football Club (Holdings) Ltd have until the end of business today to file their annual accounts.

Suffolk based Company Secretary Adam Bradley must file the accounts by the end of today as Football League rules insist that

"Each Club shall submit a copy of its Annual Accounts (as defined in Regulation 16.3 below) to the Executive, but in any event: by no later than the date on which the Club is required to file its accounts at Companies House (in case of League One and League Two Clubs)."

Companies House say that the day for City's accounts is today (February 28th 2013).

Failure to file the accounts by the end of today, will see the club subject to what the Football League say in their regulation 16.7.2, "a registration embargo such that it shall not be permitted to register any Player with that Club without the prior written consent of the Executive until such time as the breach identified by Regulation 16.6 has been rectified in its entirety to the Board's satisfaction."


Source: Coventry MAD