Time For A Reality Check Tim Fisher

19 May 2013 12:16
View from the Editor of Twist N Shout fanzine

Well, the end of season came and went almost unnoticed, even I (who has followed the City to all corners of the country in recent years no matter what day or how we’ve been performing) just couldn’t be bothered to go to the final few games.

SISU and Tim Fisher have sucked all the life out of this once proud club. With the news late last night that Tim has stated we ‘definitely won’t be playing at the Ricoh next season’ just adds insult to injury, we have had no straight forward answers, no consultation with what the fans would want and I'm pretty certain that come next season our home attendances will be well below 5,000.

Walsall and Rushden have both been mentioned as our possible home for the next 3 years, by that time our attendances would have dropped significantly again and IF we do still have a club I doubt we’ll be in the football league.

I however can’t see how he has the authority at the moment to come out with something like that, the administrator is currently calling the shots up there so surely his main role is to save money for the club, NOT back them to build a new stadium when we have one of the best grounds in the country at the moment and have been offered to play there at a massively reduced cost next season.

I also can’t see how he can say it will still be in Coventry, does he honestly think that the council would sell them any price of land and grant planning permission to build a stadium? Time for a reality check Mr Fisher!

As far as I'm concerned, if we do move out of the city next season then I will 100% not be attending a single home game but will go each and every away game without fail just to purely make a point against SISU and Fisher and I’d love it if there would be more who follow.

Source: Coventry MAD