Tim Fisher With A Hand In CCFC Ltd And Otium

15 June 2013 01:58
Win Win Situation For Tim Fisher

It was little wonder that Tim Fisher instructed Coventry City's club website to publish a statement saying that they were pleased that Otium Entertainment Group had been given the bid for Coventry City Football Club Ltd by Administrator Paul Appleton, as Mr Fisher had his fingers in both pies.

As well as being a Director of the distressed Director Coventry City Football Club Ltd, Tim Fisher along with Company Secretary Alan Bradley and Mark Labovitch are the last known directors of Otium Entertainment Group, following the departures of Ken Delieu, Leonard Brody, and Onye Igwe.

Although not illegal under current UK company law, morally, many may find hard to stomach the decision which saw  the Director of a company in administration to go along with a stream of companies that have been dissolved or wound up, bid via another company he is a Director of and win control of the company he is already a Director of.


Source: Coventry MAD


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