Tim Fisher, We Can Handle The Truth - Can You?

13 June 2013 12:12
Trust Demand Proper Answers CCFC Holdings CEO Tim Fisher recently hosted a series of Fans Forums. At each of these forums it was made abundantly clear, including through a simple show of hands, that less than 5% of fans back his plans to move the club out of Coventry. These plans are not welcome and not necessary and to continue with this ill thought out on this potentially financially ruinous route could threaten the future existence of the club. The recent poll amongst Sky Blue Trust members and the massive support through a poll in the Coventry Telegraph shows thousands of fans are opposed to this suicidal move.   Unfortunately Mr Fisher appears to have refused to listen to these views. Indeed over the many hours of questioning he barely answered any one of the key questions he was asked, bringing into question the exact purpose of these forums – were they for the benefit of the supporters or just a sop that showed the Football League that the fans had been “consulted” and subsequently ignored? The Sky Blue Trust have compiled a series of key questions that Mr Fisher failed to answer. These will be published on our website from today at www.skybluetrust.co.uk and also issued to all of our members.  We have also asked them for any of their questions which they feel remain unanswered.

All of these questions will be delivered in person at SISU headquarters in Mayfair at our protest at 3pm on Saturday June 15th. If Mr Fisher is incapable of answering them then maybe Joy Sepalla, will step out of the shadows to do so.

We will then issue copies of the same questions at the nearby Football League headquarters.

The supporters of Coventry City Football Club demand and deserve proper answers not to be treated as an irrelevant irritation. The Fans Forums appear nothing more than a cosmetic exercise aimed at fooling the Football League, we aim to ensure they learn the real truth – The fans may have been consulted, but despite showing massive unified opposition to the relocation plan they are being completely ignored by Tim Fisher and Joy Sepalla.

Tim Fisher, we can handle the truth – can you?

We need Coventry City to remain in Coventry.

Source: Coventry MAD


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