Tim Fisher Issues CVA Statement

06 September 2013 05:22
Fisher Statement

Coventry City CEO Tim Fisher has issued the following statement regarding the non-signing of the CVA which is leading to the Coventry City Football Club company being liquidated.

The statement reads: “It still mystifies us why ACL voted against the CVA. 

“The subsequent “explanations” have not given any clarity on the motivation for ACL voting that way - in fact, the numerous reasons given in subsequent weeks are contradictory, make the situation more confused and also fly in the face of the stated desire to move on – something everyone wants to happen.

“The only outcome is that the club have been penalised 10 points – and clearly neither the club nor the fans benefits from that.

“We want to look forward. The penalty points deduction means that life has been made even harder for the manager, players and supporters, but all are determined to succeed and already Steven Pressley and the team have made great strides forward.”

“Furthermore I acknowledge, I previously made an error naming the Higgs Charity and the Council rather than ACL, Alan Higgs Centre Trust and HMRC when identifying who voted against the CVA . It was of course ACL (50% owned by the City Council and 50% owned by the Higgs Charity) and HMRC that voted against the CVA.

“I apologise for any confusion". 

Source: Coventry MAD