Thorn has transfer targets and is waiting for embargo to be lifted

29 April 2011 08:44
Everything is in place in terms of what we want to do in the summer, says Thorn Andy Thorn starts his first full day as Coventry City's tenth manager in ten years today and already he has a good idea of how he wants to change the team in preparation for next season. All he needs to get started is for the transfer embargo to be lifted and the process of getting it lifted is well in hand. Thorn was appointed as Aidy Boothroyd's replacement yesterday and he will continue his partnership with head coach Steve Harrison, who was also confirmed in his post by the board yesterday. The first job Thorn had on becoming manager was to offer new contracts to Westwood, Gunnarsson and King, all of whom are out of contract with Coventry in July. It remains to be seen if the three player will accept the terms and sign the contracts. If they refuse to sign Thorn knows who he would like to try to bring to the club as replacements. Thorn was overjoyed at being offered the job and accepted straight away, but he didn't take note of the terms he was being offered by the club and hasn't a clue what he will be earning and he is not at all bothered. He said, “I am not that bothered about the money to be honest and at the moment I couldn’t even tell you what my salary is because when they offered me the job I said ‘yes’ straight away and didn’t really take in the figures." “All I could think about was players and what we are going to do to take the club forward. I am due to see the chairman again after the game on Saturday so I’ll have to ask him then. I was buzzing so much and, to be fair, I’d have done it for nothing. I just want to get it going.” Thorn joined Coventry City as a scout three years ago and he knows exactly which players he wants to try to attract to the club. He revealed, "Everything is in place in terms of what we want to do in the summer. We know which route we want to go down and it just depends what market we end up going in, but whatever one we do, we have got an A and B list so I will be on the front foot in that way and a lot will depend on Marlon, Aron and Keiren because they are good players and we need decisions on them." Along with the three high profile players offered new deals, Thorn has also offered three year deals to defenders Jordan Clarke and Nathan Cameron and one year extensions to the contracts of strikers Shaun Jeffers and Calum Wilson. Thorn has also offered professional contracts to Academy graduates, defender Cyrus Christie and goalkeeper Lee Burge.