This Has Given Us An idea of What Could Be Achieved - Robins

09 February 2013 10:28
City boss wants ground filled more often

Coventry City manager Mark Robins has said that one of his goals is to fill the Ricoh Arena more often.

Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph's Andy Turner, Robins, after a crowd of 31,054 saw City on Tuesday night versus Crewe, said; "It's disappointing because you know if we had scored one of those 29 chances we would have raised the roof off the stadium but it wasn't to be.

"It was a one off because we don't play in front of that many people and that has to be one of our goals, to be regularly playing in front of that many of our supporters.

"The feedback I've had is that people really enjoyed it. We've had people  who have been watching football for forty years telling us they could not believe the result. Hopefully, a good few will decide they want more of that. The core supporters will stick with us; the ones that don't are transient ones who might just have a sniff if there's a Wembley appearance in the offing.

"But it gives us an idea of what the club could achieve and it could be on a regular basis. We have to ensure that its not a one off because the occasion actually drove the way we played and that's got to be a lesson learned.

"And that's why we'd like a crowd like that every week, so it becomes the norm. We have to ask ourselves can we attract that many supporters again on a regular basis?

"We have an unbelieveable support base and what I want to do is to add to that and fill the Ricoh a lot more often.

"That's one of my goals before I shuffle off this mortal coil to see more record crowds." 


Source: Coventry MAD