Think Carefully

04 July 2013 11:36
One Man's View

My dad and I are season ticket holders living in Bedford. In recent years we have repeatedly made the 120 mile journey to attend games, we have purchased shirts and merchandise, we have utilised hospitality, we have even sponsored payers shirts to put a bit extra into OUR CLUB. maybe no more!

The thing is OUR CLUB is now a joke, every day I read something that embarrasses and appalls me even more. Even when I think it can get no worse you somehow manage to pull it off congratulations on that!!!

If the stories I read this morning about are a Northampton groundshare are true then you have lost two proper supporters. This may more than half our journey to 'home' games, but regardless you can shove our season ticket renewal forms where the sun don't shine.

Further to that, Coventry City FC,  you can kindly delete our information from your systems until sanity is restored. Frankly I just don't want to read your emails and receive your letters excusing your next petty fued or empty promises.

Thousands of fans have told you their opinions, time to listen before you lose them for good. I for one will never attend a game at a groundshare venue unless I believe it is the ONLY option (in case you miss my subtle point I don't believe that it is at present). Nor will I come to your unnecessary new stadium, so I guess that would be it for me, my dad and our £1,200+ per year if you press on.

If that is the case, well I just hope the inevitable death of CCFC is a quick one as I don't look forward to watching it.

Source: Coventry MAD


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