They're Coventry City, They Do What They Want

18 September 2013 02:19
One Mans View

There has been much written and said about the Coventry City situation, which sees the club ground-sharing in Northampton, by supporters all giving their view (to which they are entitled).

We can talk about fan power, which is an over-used word cliché but in Coventry City’s case, what power City supporters may have, has been eradicated.

There have been Fans Forums, marches, ribbon campaigns, protests at SISU’s London offices, outside the Football League offices, on the hill outside Sixfields Stadium, outside of Sixfields Stadium before Northampton’s Safety Advisory Group stepped in, boycotts, games in opposition, etc and whilst those involved may feel like they have done something to try and bring the club back to Coventry, but the fact is that Coventry City led by CEO Tim Fisher has ploughed on regardless and the Sky Blues remain now only likely to return to the Coventry area when they get the stadium they want in the next three to five years and games will go on at Sixfields whether any supporter likes it or not.

The collective will of the City support means nothing to Tim Fisher and his backers.

Mr Fisher is a man who does not even listen to his own employees. Many media outlets have carried quotes from both managers and players saying that it is not ideal playing at Sixfields, a ground whose facilities leave a lot to be desired in terms of comfort, and that they would rather be playing in Coventry.

Lets be clear on this. However, well the club are treated at Sixfields, every one of the staff, plus all of the media would rather the club was playing in Coventry.

Mr Fisher has ignored the views of the world of football, who don’t agree with moving a club some thirty four miles away from the city where it was based for a few days short of its 130th anniversary as well as those who put the serious money into the club such as Vice Presidents, Associate Directors and sponsors have all been given lip service by Mr Fisher but in the end, even their cash has counted for absolutely nothing.

They have proved to be not even worried by court action if when a judge initially decides they are in the wrong.

This may be hard for some to take, but if Mr Fisher is not prepared to accept and act upon the views of the real influential people both in the club and in the world of football, there is no way that he is going to take any actions based on what rank and file supporters who are going to matches or boycotting them altogether, something which SISU have budgeted for, if what the Football League say is to be believed, say or do, to make the first move to get the club back inside the boundaries of Coventry or get out of the club.

By all means, continue to peacefully protest, go to matches, stay away, have your say, join the Sky Blue Trust, Facebook group or whatever and do what you think is right if it makes you feel better but at the end of the day, getting Coventry City back to Coventry is and always has been really out of the hands of supporters and as we have seen over the years, those running Coventry City will always do what they want, regardless of what supporters think.


Source: Coventry MAD