There Is Plenty Going On - Waggott

29 May 2012 02:23
All ready to go

Coventry City Development Director Steve Waggott has said that there is a lot going in, lining up players who can be brought in when the transfer embargo is lifted.

With Tim Fisher working hard on what is a monumental task, fraught with many difficulties, although it is understood that the owners do know that time is of the essence, Steve Waggott and Andy Thorn along with various other departments in the club are waiting for the day when the green light is received.

Speaking to Sky Blue Player, Steve Waggott said: "It is difficult from the communication point of view when the fans will be thinking, what's happening and is anything actually being done.

"Well I can categorically say, yes, there is a lot going on and hopefully we can reap the rewards as soon as the embargo is lifted.

"That needs to be done ASAP. We need to implement the plan which we have discussed and start turning the rhetoric into a reality over the next few weeks."

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