There Is No Alternative But To Move - Fisher

21 May 2013 10:56
Fisher Still Maintaining There Is No Alternative

Despite claiming that he hears the message loud and clear that Coventry City supporters do not want the Sky Blues to move out of Coventry, current CEO Tim Fisher maintains SISU are pressing ahead with their plans for a new stadium which they will own (and take all the revenues from) within three years. 

Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph's Alan Poole, Tim Fisher, who is blamed by many City supporters for his part in failing to negotiate a deal to secure City's future at the Ricoh Arena, said: “There has never been any wish to leave Coventry but we were told there is no deal to be done. “We have, therefore, had to put Plan B in place.

“We made the council fully aware of our intention to build a new stadium last December and it was reported in the media in January.

“I know that some people believe this is all part of a game but it is not.

“Given that there is no deal to be done at the Ricoh, we have to find a short-term interim solution but, to be clear, the long-term vision and plan is, and always has been, to stay in the Coventry area.

“So we hear loud and clear both the message from the supporters via the Telegraph campaign and our own consultation with fans and we agree with them.”

Source: Coventry MAD