There Is A Thirst For Success Amongst Supporters - Waggott

04 April 2013 09:37
City Supporters Want Success - Waggott

Coventry City Development Officer Steve Waggott has said that there is a thirst for success amongst City supporters.

Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph's Alan Poole, Mr Waggott said: "I did a Q&A with some supporters at the Squirrel a few weeks back – a great group of fans, very passionate – and it was very refreshing to see that they just wanted to get back to talking about football again.

“The fanbase is here – you see that every other week when they are travelling in such big numbers – but they just want some stability and some success.

“They’re frustrated, of course they are, and they’ll have a pop which they are quite entitled to do, but there’s a huge thirst for success here. Players, managers and directors will come and go but it will always be their club.

“This has been a crazy season of highs and lows, but to work in football you’ve got to be optimistic.

"It’s all about hope, the belief that things will get better, like when you’re on a terrible run of results but you’re always looking for that spark that will get things moving forward.

“They say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And after eight games, remember, we were sitting on three points and everybody was worrying that we were sliding straight into League Two but we clawed our way back and were challenging for the play-offs until we lost those ten points.

“We’re facing new problems now and there’s a shedload of work to do.

“But we’ll get through it – Coventry has been a great club in the past and it will be again.”

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Source: Coventry MAD